• Heather Vest

What does success look like to you?

I follow this beautiful lady on Facebook, not because I know her personally, but because I believe she has reached her understanding of success….and yah know what? It looks marvelous. I watched her trek all over this country living in a tent for months at a time and now she is in the Northern part of Oahu and experiencing it all from the wild. She doesn’t make hotel reservations as she goes…wait, she might have once when she ran into a storm, but this is all, to my knowledge. It’s a beautiful thing to witness her happiness from frame to frame and I am thrilled to see the new pictures she posts each leg of her adventure.

I follow a family member I admire so much and was able to watch her work with a conservation group in south Texas as she is a born- advocate for the vulnerable. Then, she joined the utility forestry and worked to supply power to Valdez in Alaska. This little blonde- haired, blue- eyed girl operated a chainsaw and wore flannel to accomplish her mission... HARD work but a labor of love. Afterwards, she adventured to the east coast with a loving man she met through her work with the group. She is pleased with life right now and she is the most genuine, authentic person you will likely meet. She is honest about her happiness, honest about her depression, and honest about her grief. She has reached a place of success that is amazing to see.

I follow a dear friend that has recently undergone a surgical procedure that has blessed her life with opportunities she did not have before. She was a beautiful soul (inside and out) before, but she now has a twinkle in her eye and confidence in her smile. I watch her and her family love one another so deeply, support each other, and wake up the next morning looking for the next challenge. I admire her success and vigor for life.

Success looks very different to everyone. It is not a place for comparison or envy. It is not something you once heard someone say they wanted for you. It is an idea born out of your understanding of the world, your passion, and your spirituality. What’s more is that you have today to start planning for it…you also have today to be grateful for your current state and realize “Hey, I’m actually there right now…How awesome is this life?”

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