Hi, Folks!

Are you one who has “tried therapy” and thought it wasn’t for you? Or, perhaps, you have never tried it because you’ve searched countless profiles only to find therapists who don’t necessarily present a relatable personality to you? I get that too. I’ve been there. As a matter of fact, I was probably one of those therapists you scrolled past because I used to offer a very traditional, predictable persona. I believed that was the only acceptable personality in the mental health realm… things have changed quite a bit since then, however.

Now, you have me…the real and Unscripted Therapist.

This therapist is flawed and most definitely must focus AND REFOCUS us on holistic goals daily. We suffer from emotional distress, from time to time, just like the rest of you. Challenges in family dynamics and childhood adversities are pieces of therapists’ lives too. We’ve had workplace conflict and have been known to retrieve memories of behaviors from our youth that makes us cringe to this day. Many of the things you have in your experience, we have too. I have good news though—there is a way to endure those hardships and continue living a life of healthy thinking, peace, and even joy. The right therapeutic process will guide you to a place where you are able to challenge your thoughts, change up your atmosphere, and take charge of your life. Are you tired of complacency or stagnation? Do you want to be more assertive in environments that call for it? Would you enjoy being able to meet conflict and not have it ruin your mood or day? Most do.

Why am I qualified to help you? Glad you asked…

I have committed to a life of growth and evolution early in my career. Through my journey, education, and training, I have found an amazing process contributing to forward movement and mental well- being. You are the key to your healing, and I would be delighted to be your guide in the very genuine, unscripted, and slightly unconventional approach to healing. My mission is the same- my role in the therapeutic setting is to serve as a companion for those who seek to find peace and empowerment through healing and growth. However, I no longer introduce the experience without helping my clients understand that we, providers, are human too and our lives are certainly not void of challenges and conflict. Authenticity is vital.

As for the professional stuff...


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and military veteran who holds National Board Certification as well as those in trauma- informed care and grief work. In January of 2018, I began a private practice in Andrews, TX and served a multitude of individuals, groups, and families of all walks of life. Much of the clientele came by way of referral from Permian Regional Medical Center as well as Department of Family and Protective Services and other county/ city entities. However, the best form of referral comes from my amazing clients. Before private practice, I worked as a staff therapist for Midland Rape Crisis and Children’s Advocacy Centers and assisted in groups for The Inspiration Center and Rays of Hope Children’s Grief Center. I am now located in the San Antonio area and provide virtual, phone, and walk-and-talk therapy.


Thank you for coming this far in your journey to healing. Please don't stop with a google search. Contact me and let's get this process started. 

Heather Danielle Vest


M.S. Mental Health Counseling, Walden University

B.S. Social Psychology, Park University

Licensed by Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors 

Nationally Certified by National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc.